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Nordic Moss offers loose reindeer moss in 15 beautiful colours of which 1 is in its natural form, being a white/bone colour.


Our reindeer moss is a lichen that grows in the forests of Lapland in the very north of Scandinavia. Its name is derived from the fact that reindeer supplement their diet with this lichen especially during the winter months. Some believe its name is due to the structure of the moss resembling reindeer antlers.

The species name for this specific lichen is Cladonia Stellaris and is the most desirable lichen in the world. The moss is completely natural and has undergone a natural preservation process to stabilise it and then dyed with natural pigments.

Loose moss

The moss will therefore not grow anymore and does not need any water or sunlight. To ensure it keeps its wonderful soft texture, it is recommended to be utilised in a space with approximately 40% humidity.

Loose moss is one of the most versatile interior products! Examples of how to use loose reindeer moss:

  • placed around your indoor plants (make sure to remove when watering the plant otherwise pouring water over the preserved moss will damage it) to keep the humidity in the ground, to add colour and texture around the plant

moss around plants

  • placed in interior vases and containers to create an artistic product that often becomes a topic of discussion

Moss Head Planter

  • as table decor, often in combination with succulent plants, drift wood, pine kernels, stones, shells for a green or forest style setting

Table decor moss

  • glued onto a flat or 3-D surface to create moss-art

moss zebra head

  • stuck or glued into a container

container with moss

  • scale model builders use it to create mini trees and ground covering
  • create a fairy garden
  • as art projects for children. It is completely safe for children and instead of painting, let them glue moss to create a moss painting

moss art

  • placed in terrariums and mini garden glass bowls (Note: the moss should not be soaked or watered and therefore not suitable for aquariums).

moss bowl

We even had a couturier that used reindeer moss in her contemporary clothing collection! The possibilities are endless and the moss can also be stored in a sealed bag afterwards to be reused endlessly. 


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