Technical characteristics of Reindeer Moss Tiles

The acoustic benefit of plants and shrubbery has only recently come into the line of sight of acousticians; spurred on by a handful of researchers who have highlighted the ability of greenery to regulate sound. Moss Walls are the best tested acoustic walls from several tests:

Measurement of Acoustic Properties of Reindeer Moss Walls

Acoustic measurements were carried out on a similar moss wall product in The Netherlands using reindeer moss and the reported outcome stated:

Excellent natural acoustic properties; Noise Reduction Coefficient 0,96 for 5000Mhz

In order to counteract the effect of poor acoustics reindeer moss makes for an excellent acoustic material. Tests performed by The Korea Architectural Test Laboratory indicated that sound between 100 and 3000 Hz is especially well absorbed.

Fire Safety Test

Preserved Reindeer Moss was tested to NS-ES ISO 11925-2:2010, achieved the following fire performance results and meets the highest standard in Fire Safety:

1. Ignition (Yes/No)                                             No

2. Flames reach 150mm (Yes/No) (sec)             No / --

3. Length of damaged area (mm)                      53,3

4. Ignition of filter paper (Yes/No)                      No


 Air Purification by Reindeer Moss Walls

 Extended testing was done to establish an understanding how reindeer moss absorbs and purifies toxins in a closed space. The data show that 60%+ of Ammonia, Acetaldehyde and Acetic Acid (from tobacco smoke) were removed within 5 minutes. Other test indicated that over 50% of odours are removed within 30 minutes after the test started.