Design Ideas

A wide range of beautiful moss colours and products enables you to support your design philosophy, whether it is contemporary or the need to bring nature inside. The magical texture of reindeer moss is superior to any other wall covering and its structure sets a new standard in acoustic characteristics. With so many hand-made products to choose from, your vision can become a reality. For more ideas have a look at our gallery to see the versatility of how to use moss in our home or office.

Let us assist in your design:

1. Please email us ( a picture of the wall you would like to cover.

2. We will transpose a Nordic Moss product onto the image to give you a visual image, and email it back to you.

Tip - Ensure NOT to stand at an angle to the wall/surface when taking the photograph. The flat surface should face you when taking the image.

3. Let us know which of the following products you would like us to transpose on your image:

A - Nordic Moss flexible moss tiles:

The Flexible moss tiles are available in 5 different textures (Classic, Scene, Serenity, Sigh and Silhouette) and in 6 colours (may green, apple green, olive green, fuchsia, blue and red)

 Moss wall conference room

B - Geometrical moss tiles:

 The Geometrical moss tiles are available in 5 patterns (hexagon, triangle, square, round and half-square). Designed to fit as a puzzle or to be styled together. Available in 16 colours (see colours) and 3 sizes.

Geometrical moss tiles 

C - Nordic Moss Accent tiles:

Accent moss tiles such as the Moss RocksMoss Spheres and Round Moss Tiles are available in 16 colours

D - Reindeer loose moss:

Reindeer moss in a loose format is very versatile. e.g. it can be placed in a container, glued to letters to create signage/logos, used in terrarium or fairy garden, placed around plants in pots, used as table runner, glued to wood objects or moulds made from polystyrene etc.

moss ideas

Event managers and party organisers often use our reindeer moss for decor and especially for tables. The images below show how succulents, indigenous flowers and reindeer moss are combined to conceive an elegant mood.

Moss Table Runner

The use of reindeer moss in the corporate world is diverse and exciting. As companies want to portray and advertise their responsible environmental philosophies, incorporating reindeer moss into their logos is easy to do and it looks amazing.

Moss Logo
Have a look at our gallery to get even more inspired!